Sponsored: No matter what your age, there’s so much to do in Sharjah City…

Sharjah is known as a destination to bash across the dunes, hike through the desert or camp out under the stars, but it’s not all about thrill seeking. Visitors to the emirate soon find that Sharjah is a multi-tasking destination with the scope to entertain and educate as well.

From museums to the aquarium, bird sanctuaries to butterfly gardens or even space centres and amusement parks, there’s so much to do.

Sharjah has a dizzying array of museums, full of priceless paintings and Arabian artefacts, which is why it’s been named as the UNESCO Cultural Capital of the Arab World. There are more than 20 museums and galleries ranging from the Sharjah Heritage Museum to the Classic Car Museum.

If you prefer to go back to the future, check out the Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences. Along with astronomical simulation shows, you’ll discover exhibits including a replica of the lunar landing module and scale models of space rockets.

There are countless hands-on experiences and experiments which will keep you and your kids engrossed for hours. Climb into the space living pods and picture your life as an astronaut about to blast off.

With your feet back on terra firma, traversing the footbridge into Al Noor Island will transport you to another kind of new world, one filled with butterflies, nature and beauty.

An ideal family destination, the island has an adventure play area for the kids, a reading pavilion and the opportunity to enjoy a snack at the café as you listen to the birds sing and the wind whistle through the trees.

Next up, discover the Island of Legends, an amusement park themed around the stories of legendary heroes. The massive Dragon Discovery ride at the entrance won’t quite launch you into space but it will catapult you fairly high into the air. For a less adrenaline-inducing flight, check out the Eye of the Emirates Wheel which offers spectacular views of the emirate from 60 metres up.

After the exertions of the amusement park, Wasit Wetland offers the perfect haven. The bird sanctuary, which has more than 350 species of local and migratory birds, and wildlife centre is one of Sharjah’s many hidden treasures.

Travel by golf-carts through the wetlands’ trees and thick vegetation, stopping at special viewing points to take in birds like flamingos or the fulvous whistling duck.

There may be time for a deep dive into Sharjah’s marine heritage at the Sharjah Aquarium. With awareness programs focusing on issues such as preserving marine life, the dangers of pollution and over-fishing, the aquarium will certainly inform as well as entertain.