So you can bet that what they do serve is top notch…

For the last 2,000 years, humans have been making a delicious bubbly bread called focaccia. These ancient recipes are replicated in a brand new focacceria, called La Fabbrica Italiana, which just opened in the foodie district of Wasl 51, Dubai.

The freshly baked breads come in 15 varieties and are topped with a huge range of sweet and savoury items, from truffle to parmesan and pesto or Nutella and pear. The rigorous fermentation process takes 72 hours, leaving the bread airy and delicious.

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More than just focaccia, La Fabbrica Italiana serves two more classic Italian dishes. The first is burrata, the undeniably irresistible appetiser on every lunch table in Dubai. Here, they make it into a main course, with a side of freshly baked focaccia.

The third and final menu item is a traditional tiramisu. Not only is it made with a family recipe, that family member was the none other than great Aunt Speranza Bon, the original creator of the dessert, back in 1958.

La Fabbrica Italiana’s dessert is lovingly made with egg yolk, Bialetti-brewed mocha coffee, mascarpone, and plenty of chocolate shavings.

Co-founder Karam Annab Galbiati said: “La Fabbrica ltaliana is a foodie’s time machine. Every bite we serve has history. We are bringing Italy to Dubai, in a whole new light. Our focus is on mastering the focaccia, burrata and the original tiramisù.

“We want to offer the best food and at the same time create an environment that is welcoming which makes for a fantastic no-frills experience for the Dubai customer, who we know is well informed and well travelled. Our promise is to make history by serving history”.

La Fabbrica Italiana, Wasl 51, Dubai, daily 11am to 11pm. Tel: (0)4 547 0719. @la_fabbrica_italiana