Sponsored: Shave off those seconds with this incredible new shoe…

If you’re a keen runner you’ll know all about endurance, commitment and competition, and when it comes to footwear, it can be the difference between that all-important personal best time. What if we told you there’s a new trainer in town that could shave off those seconds?

Enter the groundbreaking UA Flow Velociti Wind high-performance running shoe by top American sports company Under Armour that is set to launch in the UAE. This lightweight, supportive shoe has been designed to make your sporting feel effortless.

The new shoe is said to help you achieve flow state – ‘the feeling you get when you could keep running for miles. The feeling of wanting to keep going one more mile – because you feel so good. The feeling of light, effortless speed. The feeling of the wind on your face’.

So what makes the UA Flow Velociti Wind capable of all of this? The secret is in the sole. The innovative design eliminates the rubber outsole by creating a supportive singular-foam compound which is also responsive and grippy, meaning you can run faster.

Unsurprisingly, the shoe has been put to the ultimate test by a team of experts committed to the vision of creating a groundbreaking running shoe. In fact, it has been through three years of various testing, as well as wear testing for 11,000 miles.

Tom Luedeche, Creative Director of Footwear Innovation said, “Flow is smooth in every sense of the word. It’s a smooth experience while running in the shoes. It’s a smooth feeling when going throught the entire gate cycle and foot strike. And it also feels smooth in the sense that it is lacking distraction. There’s nothing there that is getting in the way of you and your flow state.”

If you’re looking for speed and support during long-distance and fast-paced runs, or any other sport, this shoe is for you. The lightweight technology of this shoe’s sole reduces its weight by 2-3 ounces, improving your agility and pace, and hopefully that personal best.

The trainers are suitable for both men and women, coming in five colourways; white, blue, black, grey and green.

The UA Flow Velociti Wind is currently retailing at Dhs699 and is available in all Under Armour Brand Houses across the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman). @underarmourme

Images: Provided