What a great way to discover new flavours…

If you watch the TV show, MasterChef, you will know about the fun and exciting ‘mystery box’ challenge. Hidden within the box are a number of unique ingredients that push the contestants to get really creative to create a standout and delicious dish.

It’s fun to watch – yes, but if you head down to neighbourhood eatery, MasterChef, the TV Experience, you can experience it first hand. And no, you won’t have to undergo the pressure of cooking it yourself – it will be Head Chef Margarita Vaamonde who will be doing the cooking for you. Phew!

MasterChef, the TV Experience

The mystery box has undergone a revamp since the restaurant launched to help diners enjoy a unique and bespoke dining experience with a dash of mystery. So, put down the menu and stray away from your usual food order and put your dining experience in the hands of the talented chefs.

So, how does it work? 

The mysterious box will be bought to your table hiding a selection of ingredients inside grouped together under a theme. 

Hidden under our mystery box were three option with ingredients from Asia, Europe and America grouped together. We picked Asia and America as they stood out to us with pungent and tangy ingredients.

MasterChef, the TV Experience

After checking in for any dietary requirements and intolerances, Chef Margarita whipped us up a delicious four-course meal including starters, mains and a dessert. 

The stand out dish on the night incorporated tostones – plantains that were fried, smashed and double-fried topped with kingfish and mayo. 

MasterChef, the TV Experience

And of course, desserts were delicious and we relished the yoghurt ice cream with strawberries with a crunchy biscuit for added texture.

Apart from what ingredients you want, the only choice you will have to make is to pick from a three-course meal for Dhs200, a four-course meal for Dhs230 and a five-course meal for Dhs250.

And the best news is that you no longer need to make a prior booking to try it out. Go with a friend or two and pick different themes so you can discover even more delicious dishes.

The mystery box can be enjoyed daily from 7pm to 11pm.

Masterchef, the TV Experience, Millennium Place Marina, Al Marsa Street, Dubai. Tel: (04) 550 8111. masterchefdxb.com

Images: MasterChef, the TV Experience