Sponsored: Let your hair down with these fun and fruity Bear Fruits’ shower cap hair masks…

Whether you’re working more than ever, or you’re finding it particularly hard to ‘switch off’, it’s safe to say that, for many of us, working from home has sent our stress levels through the roof, and put us at risk of developing burnout.

And while wearing pajama pants all day or Zooming your entire contact list may make you feel a bit calmer about our current circumstances, it’s more important than ever to build a solid self-care routine into daily life. Of course, self-care means something different to everyone, but if you’re eagerly seeking a product to brighten both your mood and hair, Bear Fruits is just the ticket.

Each mask comes with a fabulously fruity, reusable cap, so you can wear it again and again – perfect for a virtual catch up with friends or just for social media, so pick your flavour, get snapping, and get ready for flawless, healthy hair.

We asked three UAE beauty experts to share their experiences….

Hadeel Marei

If it’s fun enough for a comedian like Hadeel, it’s fun enough for us. The TikTok, YouTube and Instagram star knows a thing or two about skincare, and loves these colourful haircare caps. “I admire how Bear Fruits paid attention to details when creating their hair masks,” says Hadeel. “Taking care of my hair has never been so convenient and enjoyable from the start to the end.” The Bear Fruits flamingo smooth soft hair mask and hair cap, as modelled by Hadeel above, combines aloe vera with argan oil to smooth and soften hair.
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Annabell Newman



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Being stuck indoors means more self care time for Annabell. “I literally love using hair masks and the Bear Fruits masks are so cute,” she says. “This flamingo one not only goes with my aesthetic but does wonders for my hair.” You rock that flamingo, Annabell.
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Jessica Jaber



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Lebanese social media star Jessica Jaber is a marketing professional by day, and active Tiktok and Instagram star by night. “Bear fruits masks are my new favourite self-care routine,” explains Jessica. “There’s a variety of options, which I like, and they all have amazing benefits that leave my hair nourished and healthy”. She particularly loved the pineapple hair mask, which is silicone free and is infused with pineapple extracts. This mask helps to detox and revitalise your hair, ridding you of split ends.
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For more information on the brilliant Bear Fruits range, check out instagram.com/bearfruits_arabia.