There’s Sci-Fi, horror, drama and something for the whole family, too…

The cinema is a great spot to hit over the weekend or something to fill your evening with after work. And if you want to know what’s going on at the cinema, check out our handy movie guide below.


With the future of the human race at stake, a group of young men and women embark on an expedition to colonize a distant planet. When they uncover disturbing secrets about the mission, they defy their training and begin to explore their most primitive natures. As life on the ship descends into chaos, they soon become consumed by fear, lust and an insatiable hunger for power.

Starring: Colin Farrell, Tye Sheridan, Lily-Rose Depp
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller (PG15)
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A hearing-impaired girl inexplicably gains the power to heal the sick after a supposed visitation from the Virgin Mary. As word spreads and people flock to witness her miracles, a disgraced journalist visits the small New England town to investigate. However, when strange events start to occur, he soon wonders if these phenomena are the result of something more sinister.

Starring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Cricket Brown, William Sadler
Genre: Horror (15+)
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The Swordsman

A swordsman who is going blind is forced to raise his sword again to save his daughter, who has been kidnapped by a slave dealer.

Starring: Jang Hyuk, Man-sik Jeong, Angelina Danilova
Genre:  Action, Drama, History (PG15)
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The Barkers: Mind the Cat

A family of dogs decides to go on a holiday. Kid is eager to play with his elder siblings but they all seem busy with their own hobbies. Luckily, Kid finds new friends: Cats. The Cats are now up for some fun.

Genre:  Animation (PG15)
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