A great reminder to give back in the month of Ramadan…

For four years, the Dubai community used Ramadan as an opportunity to give back, by donating to the Ramadan Sharing Fridges initiative. This non-profit group formed as a way to support less fortunate community workers and labourers to have access to free food and drinks during the month of Ramadan.

Unfortunately the group hit the brakes on the project last year when the pandemic caused the activity to be deemed unsafe. There have been no announcements from the official group for the return of the Ramadan Sharing Fridges in 2021.

However, all is not lost as Ace Stores has developed a new twist on the original concept. Rather than filling the fridge with donations from your home, you can use it as a digital means to donate to non-profit organisation Dar al Ber Society.

The eye-catching fridge is stationed at the Ace store in Dubai Festival City, and at each store are scannable QR codes which will lead you straight to a donation page. From here you can choose to pay via cash, transfer or SMS payment via Du or Etisalat.

Donations go towards iftar meals for the underprivileged, Eid clothes for children in need, and to pay Zakat (one of the five pillars of Islam). While the traditional methods of giving via sharing fridges seem to remain on hold for now, this new initiative is a great reminder to give back in any way you can this Ramadan.

Ace, Dubai Festival City, Dubai, throughout Ramadan. @alfuttaimace