Meet the woman championing female business owners and home-grown brands in the UAE…

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For the initiated, who are you, and what is That Dubai Girl? 

I’m Kirsty Campbell, the founder of That Dubai Girl, a platform for supporting women, giving advice and championing local businesses. What started as an inclusive social media community for all women in the UAE has grown into a thriving

Why did you start That Dubai Girl and what’s with the name?

I’m sure most young people in Dubai can relate to some of the cliquiness that inevitably results from a buzzing social scene like we have here. Women want to be respected and supported, yet we still face criticism from other women – particularly on social media. I’d had enough and decided to do something about it. The That Dubai Girl brand is about inclusivity and allowing women to be whatever they want to be, and knowing that they will be supported by other women. We are all That Dubai Girl.

And now you’ve expanded into an events business…

Facebook was just the start. We now have a free members app with incredible discounts on beauty, dining, fitness and much more. Last month we launched The Urban Market, showcasing amazing brands from local vendors. We also run monthly friendship events, which is an opportunity for ladies to meet new friends.

(Above: That Dubai Girl team – Chandni Soni, Emma Synnott, Kirsty Campbell and Melissa George)

What upcoming events do you have?

We are extremely excited to be in partnership with What’s On next month for the Lock In! We’ll be bringing hairstylists, make-up artists, and beauticians to help kick start the ultimate weekend of fun.

Why do you use That Dubai Girl to champion homegrown brands?

The UAE is home to such a wide variety of cultures and nationalities, and that inevitably results in vibrant, diverse local businesses that add so much to this economy. We work closely with talented and ambitious local entrepreneurs and aspire to give them a platform to show what they’ve got to offer.

What do you love about the UAE?

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For so many people the UAE really is the modern day land of opportunity. This country has given so much to people from across the world and has changed millions of lives for the better. That’s a bigger picture answer I know, but in terms of the lifestyle here, there is so much to do. It’s an amazing place to live.

What stresses you out about the UAE?

As a small business owner, I’m someone who wants everything done yesterday! When I need to do a task, I’m immediately working at breakneck speed to get it done. Everyone’s different and I understand that I can’t always expect everyone to be as 100 miles an hour as I am! Maybe I could be more patient, but no one’s perfect. I’ve had to learn to adjust and, luckily, I have an incredible support network to help, especially my TDG team!

Do you reckon Dubai is your forever home?

My friends have a running joke that I’m going to be an old lady, retired on a yacht in Dubai Marina called ‘That Dubai Girl’. That certainly seems a very long way off, but living a happy and successful life as an entrepreneur in the UAE would be a dream come true.

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