Get ready for the #DubaiRain posts…

After a very dry winter, we could be in for some long-awaited rainfall this week. Forecasted are predicting a downpour on Wednesday and Thursday, April 28 and 29. This year has seen significantly less rain than usual, recording only 1.2 millimetres in the first quarter of 2021.

This could be about to change though, as according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) we can expect a turn of weather later this week.

Between Sunday April 25 and Tuesday April 27, NCM forecasts that it will be fair to cloudy, and rather hot. Convective clouds are likely to form come the afternoon, with light to moderate winds becoming freshening at times.

Instagram account Storm AE predicts a wet week too, sharing a post on the platform captioned in Arabic. It says, ‘chances of good rains on some areas of the country [this] week, and chances of rain will continue separately until the end of April’.

On Wednesday April 28, NCM predicts a cloudier day, with rainy convective clouds forming in the afternoon. It will still be hot though, and the wind will pick up slightly, reaching speeds of 35 kilometres per hour.

It’s more of the same on Thursday, with wind speeds increasing to 40 kilometres an hour and convective clouds in the eastern and western parts of the UAE. The sea could be quite rough at times so take care if you’re planning a beach day.

Temperatures have noticeably risen recently, hitting the 40 degrees celsius mark over the weekend. This week, there will be highs of 41 degrees celsius in the coastal areas, and 44 degrees celsius in internal parts of the country.