A new light and fountain show is coming to Burj Khalifa this week

You have to see it to believe it…

Downtown Dubai has become famed for its Dubai Fountain show and Burj Khalifa light show. Fans from around the world will flock to witness the stunning spectacle with their own eyes.

In exciting entertainment news, the world’s tallest building has something special in store for the Eid Al Fitr celebrations this week. A brand new fountain and light show will take place at 8pm each night throughout the long Eid weekend.

The never-before-seen show will be expertly choreographed to Esmaha Dubai, a song written by Emirati music composer and director Mohamed Al Ahmed. Expect dazzling LED lights and jaw dropping water dances, showing for a limited time only.


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Laser, lights and music perfectly choreograph together to create an experience you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re dining in one of the nearby restaurants, or simply taking a stroll around the lake, this fresh Burj Khalifa show is bound to catch your eye.

The captivating show attracts thousands each year, and consistently delivers an exciting experience for its audience. Whether its counting down to the start of a brand new year, or celebrating one of the UAE’s biggest holidays, there’s always a memorable show ready to impress.

The new Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa light show will be running for a limited time only, between Tuesday May 11 and Saturday May 16, at 8pm.

Burj Khalifa Light Show, Downtown Dubai, Tues May 11 to Sat May 15, 8pm, free. @burjkhalifa