The moon will appear 10 per cent larger than normal…

Keep your eyes on the skies on Wednesday May 26 2021, as come nightfall the biggest and brightest Supermoon of the year will be visible in the UAE. The ‘Super Flower Moon’ got its name thanks to the spring time flowers that frequently pop up around the same time.

This supermoon will be the second of three appearing this year, with some parts of the world lucky enough to witness a total lunar eclipse. Areas of the Americas as well as Australia and eastern Asia will even see the moon give off a reddish glow.

Dubai Astronomy Group usually live-streams the event on its YouTube channel, so be sure to check that out if you can’t see the moon from home.

Each full moon has its own individual name, for example in February we saw the Snow Moon. The Snow Moon gets its name as it occurs when there is normally a lot of snow on the ground.

Next was the Worm Moon, which you might remember seeing in March. This one got its name as during this time of year, when temperatures begin to increase, farmers at the Farmers Almanac noticed worms emerging from the ground.

In April, we had our first supermoon of the year – the Super Pink Moon. You might be disappointed though, that this moon doesn’t get its name from its colour, but refers to wild ground phlox, which is one of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring.

Next week we’ll see the Super Flower Moon. During May, flowers are usually abundant everywhere thanks to spring, which is where this moon gets its name.

Then the final supermoon of the year will take place on June 24. This one will be the Strawberry Moon as this marked the time to gather ripening strawberries in what is now the northeastern United States.