Vaccinated tourists will also be able to download the app to follow the same rules…

Earlier in the week, What’s On announced that Dubai bars will need proof of vaccination for guests, as well as for live events.

A senior doctor at Dubai’s Covid-19 command and control centre has said that Dubai bars and live events should request proof of vaccination from guests via the Al Hosn app.

As reported by The National, Dr Hanan Al Suwaidi, head of vaccination and testing, told Dubai Eye radio: “Everyone who got the vaccine received an electronic certificate on their devices, that’s linked to Al Hosn, that also can prove that you have your vaccine completed.”

Dr Al Suwadi stressed the importance of using electronic means of proof, and that venues should not ask for paper certificates. “Now we have an electronic system in place, everybody has an e-certificate that they could show,” she continued.

Can tourists register for Al Hosn?

Vaccinated tourists visiting Dubai can provide the same means of proof via the Al Hosn app. In order to register, they must enter the unified number (UID) listed on their visit visa. Alternatively, they can use another means of electronic vaccination certificate to enter bars and live events.

Can vaccinated guests sit up at the bar now?

While we know that bars can now reopen, provided that all guests and staff are vaccinated, bars within restaurants have been off-limits for some time. Several residents have reported success when taking a seat up at a bar, as long as both the bartender and the guests are vaccinated. Non-vaccinated guests can only sit within the socially distanced areas of the restaurant.

The rules will be in place until at least June 17. “If we follow the proper precautions, we can move on to our normal lives very soon,” Dr Al Suwaidi concluded.

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