Cloud seeding operations have been carried out across the country…

After a series of cloudy days recently, parts of the UAE were hit with lashings of heavy rain, and even a hailstorm. Sharjah experienced huge hailstones, some of which were bigger than a Dirham coin.

Ras Al Khaimah experienced a downpour with strong winds blowing dust and sand, causing low visibility across the emirate. There was also rain in Fujairah and Al Ain thanks to recent cloud seeding operations carried out in the UAE.


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Here in a video shared by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), a resident holds the hailstones in his hand and compares the biggest one to a one Dirham coin for size reference.

While most of the turbulent weather took place in the east, light rain was reported in some areas of Dubai, and there could be more on the way. A sandstorm swept across the emirate on Tuesday May 4, and NCM suggests that rainy convected clouds will form throughout the east and north on Wednesday May 5.

Humidity is set to increase this evening, with a high chance of fog and mist on the morning of Thursday May 6. The weekend looks set to be a little warmer, with fair to partly cloudy skies and a probability of humidity later in the day.

Images: @storm_ae