Our good friends at the Emirates Literature Foundation are looking forward to getting stuck into some light reading for the warmer weather. Here’s a list of their top picks…

When temperatures rise in Dubai, it’s perfectly okay to want to stay indoors with a good book to keep you company or work on your tan while indulging in your page-turner.

With not-so-grisly murders and colourful casts of characters, cosy crime is the perfect genre for both basking in the sun or curling up on the couch in the AC.

Here are three books on top of the TBR pile from the Foundation team.   

The Secret, Book, and Scone Society by Ellery Adams

The Secret, Book,and Scone-Society by Ellery Adams

Adams has proven to be a master of the genre, weaving together clever mysteries and unique characters you can’t help but root for over the course of every novel. The first in her latest (and best-selling) series of the same name continues that trend, showcasing just why it is her readers keep coming back for more. The novel follows the story of bookseller Nora Pennington, who has a knack for recommending the perfect book to ease whatever troubles her customers may face. But when a visiting businessman is found dead before he can collect his books, Nora forms a secret society dedicated to finding out what happened, with each woman joining, offering up a secret as to why she came to town in the first place. As Nora and her partners work to uncover the truth, they also start to let go of their pasts. It’s warm and funny, with plenty of twists and turns — the perfect kind of cosy crime.

 Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chien

 Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chien

Lana Lee’s life is a mess following a painful breakup. It doesn’t get better when she dramatically quits her job. But moving back home and dealing with her mother’s questions about marriage and grandchildren are the least of her problems in this first instalment in Chien’s Noodle Shop Mystery series. When the property owner of her family’s restaurant turns up dead after ordering from them, it becomes a race against time to clear her family’s name and stop the killer from striking again. With it’s engaging protagonist and unusual setting, Death by Dumpling marks Chien as a bold new voice in the genre and one that keeps going from strength to strength with each subsequent novel.

Dial C for Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis

Dial C for Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis

Step into the shoes of private investigator Geri Sullivan as she takes on her first assignment for her new boss, and ends up investigating the murder of a local millionaire. So far, so normal. But it is about to get strange: Not only is her recently adopted chihuahua Pepe able to speak, but Geri is the only one who can understand him. So when the not-so-grieving widow (and prime suspect) announces she wants to finance a reality TV show called Dancing with Dogs, there’s only one option for the duo: go undercover and sniff out the real killer. This solid start to the Barking Dog Mysteries series is funny and with its own special bite as Pepe proves larger than life.

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