It’s the perfect place to work from…

Working way from the office has never been more prevalent than in 2021, but sometimes working from home can get a little samey. It’s no surprise then that social co-working spaces are hugely popular across the city, and now there’s a new one for you to visit.

Get ready for The Name, a new creative social hub, cafe and concept store which is opening soon in Dubai’s eclectic Dubai Design District. Whether you’re going there to work or catching up with friends for a coffee, there’s somewhere for every occasion.


The space boasts a cool lounge area with a large-screen TV that’s perfect for relaxing in. The concept store will sell a range of goods such as Bluetooth speakers, reusable coffee mugs and water bottles from several well-known brands.

The Resto Cafe is bright and spacious and offer its visitors a contemporary environment to get those creative juices flowing. Alongside that flat white or latte, treat yourself with a bit of cake such as chocolate peanut butter cake.

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Dishes at The Resto cafe are ‘Mediterranean-inspired with a Levantine touch’. Menu highlights include smoked pastrami and cheddar sandwich, freshly baked flat bread with spicy black Angus and labneh. There’s plenty for vegans too.

Whether you’re getting together with teammates to brainstorm creative ideas or you’re just bringing your laptop and setting up office for the day, The Name is the kind of environment that is sure to inspire a productive working day.

An exact date for the opening has not yet been revealed but it’s said to be ‘soon’…

The Name, Dubai Design District, Dubai, opening soon…. 

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