With summer temperatures, it could be a death sentence…

If you’ve stepped outside recently you’ll be well aware that we are firmly in the grip of summer now.

With these higher temperatures come new challenges and fresh dangers.

One message that police forces around the region often find themselves repeating this time of year, is warnings about the issue of abandoning kids in cars, unsupervised.

And leaving the keys in the ignition with the engine running is not a safe alternative. Leaving children in cars, without an adult present, for any length of time is both dangerous and a criminal offense.

Abu Dhabi police have clearly stated that anybody found endangering children in this way will be referred to the authorities and face prosecution.

In addition to the heat, there are other ways children can find themselves in dangerous situations whilst unsupervised in parked cars. These include playing with the car’s various buttons, levers and wheels (many of which look like a game to young and curious children), car theft or even abduction.

The dangers of accidental drowning

Sadly it isn’t just cars where a lack of supervision is endangering the lives of children.

This week Abu Dhabi Police also shared posts on their social media channels urging parents and guardians with children that could potentially access public or private swimming facilities, to take appropriate action to ensure these amenities are not used without surveillance.


The recenmt Facebook post states “neglect is a major cause of children’s drowning incidents”. Other causes for accidents include “using swimming pools alone, family neglecting to monitor them, water depth, lack of swimming ability, slipping on the floor surrounding the pool and a lack of fence”.

Kids that are not strong swimmers should also be provided with buoyancy aids, even when they’re being watched over.

Images: Unsplash