Another epic discovery by AUH based photographer Amar Habeeb…

We broke the story on Plant Lake and stirred up the hype for Long Salt Lake, but every great story deserves a trilogy (just to be clear though, we’re not ruling out a cash grab fourth entry to the series).

This Abu Dhabi lake series has a natural sequel, and like Plant Lake it was captured by Abu Dhabi photographer and falcon-eyed drone pilot, Amar Habeeb.

Green Tree Creek as it’s been affectionately dubbed, shows beautifully botanical features, similar to those of plant lake, also mirroring the forest around it. In a magical feat of fractal symmetry, each mangrove tree can be seen to represent a pixelated leaf in the 2D top down view of this naturally occurring landmark.

Trees within trees within trees.


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Habeeb has said that in his captivating click the colour gradients have been slightly altered, to render the form of the inlet distinct from its surroundings. But that is the extent of the image’s touch up. This genuinely is what the feature looks like.

It was also captured by another locally based photographer Zohaib Anjum (@VertigoDubai), this image allowing a canopy view from a slightly different aspect.

If you’d like to track the landmark down yourself, Amar Habeeb is a firm believer in keeping his discoveries open-source, happily sharing the location with other intrepid camera-wielding frontiersmen and women.  Interestingly you can find the location of Green Tree Creek very close to Plant Lake, on the Gulf facing southern end of Jubail Island, here. And, it probably goes without saying but — you’ll need a drone.

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One final discovery of Amar’s that we’d like to share is this coastal feature below. Mainly because it has a Rorschach test feel to it. What do you see? A map of Asia? An eye? A falcon in flight? Or some Picasso-esque combination of the lot? Let us know in the comments.


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Images: Instagram/Amar Habeeb