Sponsored: Get pampered wherever you feel comfortable…

Ever find yourself so busy that the only way you can manage to get through your to-do list is to postpone that manicure or haircut appointment?

Thanks to HomeCuts, a Dubai start-up, you won’t have to neglect yourself anymore. HomeCuts launched just a few months ago in March with a goal to provide customer barber and salon services by coming to you! 

Whether you’re at home, a mate’s house, the office, the gym or even at some odd location out in the desert, the groomers will come by to your doorstep to give you the tender loving care you need. Have a last-minute event you need to attend? You can book a spot on demand or if you’ve planned ahead, you can schedule them in for an appointment in advance.


Previously, the services only included hair and trims for the men and basic manicure and pedicures for the ladies. Now, ladies are spoilt for choice and can pick from newly added options such as haircuts, blow-dries, gel manicures and pedicures, skin treatments, hair colour change and facials.

The services offered by the team won’t dent your pockets and there’s no mess left behind for you to clean up. They also maintain hygienic standards just as they would as if working in a normal salon, so you don’t have to worry.

How much is this going to cost? 


For ladies, a classic manicure and pedicure will cost Dhs195 and Dhs220 for gel polish. A regular mani-pedi with no colour will cost you Dhs175. For a hair wash, cut and blow-dry it’s Dhs185 and a black mask facial will cost you Dhs95.

For men, a hair and beard trim is Dhs150.

A hair cut for little ones under the age of 12, it’s Dhs85 for girls and Dhs75 for boys. For children under the age of two, it’s Dhs60.

Additionally, HomeCuts also offers monthly grooming plans where you can save up to 20 per cent.

Schedule your service here or via WhatsApp on 058 189 2036.

HomeCuts, Dubai. Opening hours: 9am to 9pm on weekends and 9am to 10.30pm on weekdays. Tel: (0)4 770 0958. myhomecuts.com

Images: HomeCuts