We’ve already had two supermoons this year…

Stargazers, take note. The last supermoon of the year 2021 takes place this year on Thursday, June 24.

Called Strawberry Moon, this supermoon is a full moon or new moon that nearly coincides with perigee – the term is used to describe the point at which the moon’s orbit gets the closest to earth. It results in a slightly larger than usual size of the lunar disk.

Why is it called Strawberry Moon? 

Well, the moon isn’t going to change shape or turn a shade of red.

The name actually comes from Algonquin, a tribe of Native America and the full moon was a sign to them that it was time to harvest wild strawberries. Now, there’s a fun fact you can share and impress your mates with.

Here’s how you can see the Strawberry Supermoon in Dubai

Well, the obvious answer would be to look up into the sky in the evening this Thursday. But, if you want to see the supermoon in all its glory, you can join the Dubai Astronomy Group at Al Thuraya Astronomy Center at Mushrif Park on Thursday, June 24 from 7pm to 9pm.

During the program, you will learn more about the supermoon phenomenon and will be able to ask any questions you may have.

You will have an unobstructed naked-eye observation of the supermoon of course, but you can also take a look at it through the centre’s telescope.

Tickets for the evening cost Dhs70 for one adult and Dhs50 for one child. Coming in a car? It’s Dhs10 per car or Dhs3 per person to be paid via the nol card. Members of the Dubai Astronomy Group pay just Dhs30.

Spots for the program are limited, so get your tickets here. Don’t forget your ticket when you head down.

Safety measures are all in place, so masks will have to be on at all times and social distancing must be practised.

Dubai Astronomy Group usually live-streams the event on its YouTube channel, so be sure to check that out if you can’t attend the event or see the moon from home.

Supermoon event with Dubai Astronomy Group, Al Thuraya Astronomy Center, Mushrif Park, Dubai. 7pm to 9pm on June 24. Dhs70 for one adult, Dhs50 for one child. althurayaastronomycenter.ae

Image: Getty Images