It’s getting hot out there…

It’s that time of year again where we’re swapping alfresco living for the cooling climes of the air-conditioned indoors. In Dubai summer, we don’t just have to deal with skyrocketing temperatures, but it’s that humidity that really gets us too.

According to The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) humidity is set to reach up to 90 percent in some areas of the UAE today, so if we were you, we’d stay put indoors. The humidity is set to reach its peak overnight on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

There’s no abating when it comes to the high temperatures either, with temperature highs reaching 46°C in certain parts of the UAE. In true Dubai summer fashion, the lowest temperature recorded today was 23.2°C in Raknah, Al Ain at 4:30 am.

There’s expected to be light to moderate winds that may cause blowing dust westward. The sea is also expected to be moderate. A fog alert was also issued from 3am to 8am this morning, on Monday, June 14.

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