Sponsored: Kate Winslet stars in a sneakily good murder mystery series that everyone’s talking about, and for good reason, too…

Welcome to Easttown – a bleak, impoverished place, full of overwhelming sadness. Not exactly the kind of location you’ll be dreaming about for your next Eid break, but as binge-worthy murder investigation TV shows go, it’s utterly delicious.

The critically acclaimed HBO limited series – which is now available in the region exclusively on OSN – tells the story of Mare Sheehan (played flawlessly by academy award-winner Kate Winslet), a gruff detective in a small Pennsylvania town who carries the weight of fading hometown glory on her shoulders.

When she is assigned to investigate the murder of a young girl, the line between her personal life and professional duties begin to blur, and it’s not long before she finds herself struggling to stop her world from falling apart.

A stellar cast (including the glorious multi Emmy award-winnerJean Smart who plays Mare’s aging, cocktail-drinking, ice-cream-hiding mother), faultless acting across the board and a captivating plot with more twists and turns than the drive up to Jebel Jais, Mare of Easttown is quite simply one of the best shows aired so far in 2021, and the critics unanimously agree…

Check out the trailer here:

Mare of Easttown is available in the UAE via OSN now. In order to watch you’ll need to download the OSN streaming app on all iOS and Android devices to watch it or access via stream.osn.com. The service costs USD 9.5/-  per month and includes a 7-day Free Trial, Stream now stream.osn.com