He even smells like buttered popcorn…

Dubai’s indoor rainforest, The Green Planet, has welcomed its largest animal to date; a two-year-old male bearcat called Fluffy. The adorable creature, given his name due to his cute, fluffy appearance, has moved into the attraction, giving visitors the chance to meet and interact with him.

Bearcats get their name from their cat-like heads and bear-like bodies and they also have long monkey-like tails which they use like an arm. However, they’re not related to any of those animals, they’re part of the Viverridae family, and their scientific name is Binturong.

This particular bearcat is 14 kilograms, but can grow up to 30 kilograms and live until around 25 years of age. Fluffy was born at a zoological facility in Serbia and is the first ever bearcat to live in a large mixed species exhibit such as The Green Planet.

An interesting fact is Fluffy’s natural scent – he lets off an odour very similar to the smell of buttered popcorn. His favourite foods to eat include bananas, grapes and apricots, as well as cooked chicken.

Victoria Lynn, General Manager – Dubai Holding Entertainment – Attraction, said: “Fluffy is a solitary animal, which means that he does not live in groups or families and therefore, it was time for him to leave his parents and become an ambassador on behalf of his species and for all larger rainforest animals.

“By joining The Green Planet, he will help to teach us more about the incredible Bearcat species and help to educate our guests and visitors on why the protection of the environment and the Bearcat habitat is so important. Fluffy is currently settling in well to his new home and we look forward to welcoming guests to see him!”

Visitors can meet and interact with Fluffy at the price of an admission ticket to The Green Planet (Dhs120). For more information and to book tickets, visit The Green Planet website.

The Green Planet, City Walk, Dubai, daily, 10am to 6pm, Dhs120. thegreenplanetdubai.com