Sponsored: You’ll be under the watchful eyes of the team to help reach a realistic goal…

If you’re looking to get fit, this 14-day detox camp at Vida Emirates Hills is one you need to look into if you’re staying in the country over the summer.

The hotel has teamed up with FitLov, UAE based personal training app this summer to create an itinerary that will make you feel energized, happy, and lighter.

The program runs until September 30 with prices starting from Dhs9,020 per person. Go with a friend and it’s Dhs13,980 – this works out to just Dhs500 per day and you will get a night stay, a PT session, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here’s what you can expect 

When you check-in for the summer detox program, you will be upgraded to a Golf View Deluxe room, but sorry, there’s no relaxing. Instead, you will be escorted to the FitLov Hub where you will undergo a complete body analysis, including measurements and consultation with FitLov’s certified nutritionists and trainers.

Based on this, realistic goals will be set and the team will recommend a meal plan and 12 sessions you will need to undertake. Don’t worry, meals are included in the cost but only from the curated and calorie counted, ‘FitLov and Vida Menu’. There are desserts too to keep those sugar cravings at bay.

vida detox program

Don’t even think of trying to order off any other menu! You will be fitted with a wristband which means the staff is prohibited from serving you anything outside the program’s menu. Be warned, if you try, your trainer will be notified meaning your next workout session will be harder than usual.

Apart from the 12 tailored personal training sessions by Fitlov certified trainers, you can also access the hotel’s facilities and amenities such as the gym, pool, green smoothies and more during the two weeks.

Before you leave, there will be a final assessment to measure how far you have come.

To make things a little more competitive, if you have lost the most weight compared to all other guests signing up for the program, you will win a two-night staycation and two personal training sessions by FitLov. The winner will be picked at the end of September.

Up for the challenge? Head to this link here to book.

Images: Vida Emirates Hills