The best movies hitting the big screen this weekend…

The news that cinema capacities are back up to 80 per cent, has come at just the right time, because there is a gold rush of glittering new movies hitting the box office this weekend.

The following five movies all release on Thursday, August 19 at cinemas across the UAE


Directed by co-creator of epic sci-fi Western series, Westworld — Lisa Joy (fun film trivia, she’s also the sister-in-law of director Christopher Nolan), Reminiscence is set in a near-future dystopia where real-time memory exploration is the latest tech fad. Lead practitioner Nicolas Bannister (Hugh Jackman) is caught in a professional dilemma when a memory from one of his clients implicates his love interest (Rebecca Ferguson) in a brutal crime.

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Stillwater, directed by Tom McCarthy and starring Matt Damon is the story of an American father who travels to Europe, to help extricate his daughter who has been accused of murder (and if that sounds suspiciously like the Amanda Knox case, that’s because McCarthy said it was “directly” inspired by it).

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Respect sees Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson take on what could be the biopic role she was born for, portraying Aretha Franklin. This film charts the trials and troubles of the Queen of Soul, in her ascent from humble beginnings, crashing through cultural boundaries, civil rights struggles and battles with forces that seek to control her genius for their own benefit.

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The Green Knight

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There’s The Green Knight (Directed by David Lowry — who’s attached to helm the live action remake of Disney’s Peter Pan) starring the BAFTA-winning, always watchable Dev Patel in an Arthurian caper with a spotlight shone on the headstrong heroic antics of Round Table alumni Sir Gawain.

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Paw Patrol: The Movie

Finally, and we apologise for this. Profusely, it’s Paw Patrol: The Movie and extended version of the show that features the most punchable animated dog in cartoon history (Chase); and the unmitigated horror of what happens when you defund emergency services in favour of outsourcing to a calamitous team of hyper-specialised tongue-showering canines. But now we get to enjoy Mayor Humdinger’s keystone villainy in full HD. Additional voice support is provided by Kim Kardashian West, Dax Shepard and Jimmy Kimmel. Attempting to avoid getting dragged along to this will likely be as fruitless as fighting gravity. Just yelp for help.

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