Sponsored: The award-winning spa has partnered with local aesthetic clinic Skin 111 to offer three new services to wellness seekers…

If you’re reading this, you’re likely in search of upping your wellness. Good news then as our friends at Anantara Spa has entered into a new partnership with local aesthetic clinic Skin adding three incredible new services for spa customers to enjoy. Each one offering fast-acting treatments that offer fantastic results. Here’s a look at what’s on offer…

IV Therapy

The IV drip is widely known as the quickest, most efficient way to rid yourself of any toxins and pump you full of vitamins and antioxidants. You’ll now find a wide selection of bespoke IV treatments, including an Express Drip, for hydration and energy; a Weight Loss Drip; and Skin, Hair and Nails Drip to help nourish, detox and revitalise. Guests also receive a free OligoScan (worth Dhs790) to determine the best combination of vitamins and minerals to suit your needs. IV drips start from Dhs390.

Oxygen Therapy

Aimed at boosting your energy and immunity, Oxygen Therapy has been proven to help with your overall wellbeing by helping to raise oxygen levels in the body thereby improving your mood, concentration, energy and sleep. The treatment is administered by qualified nurses, is totally pain-free and takes just 20 minutes. Sessions start from Dhs162.


Skin 111 is also offering spa guests a revolutionary fat-burning procedure, which uses innovative technology to help folks trim down and shape up. The five-in-one non-invasive treatment uses radio frequency and low-level laser that’s said to deliver pretty remarkable results in areas such as the abdomen, thighs and chin. Lipozero is available for session of 30- to 120 minutes. Prices start from Dhs390.

All treatments are available within the sanctuary of Anantara Spa, from 10am to 9pm daily. Cal (0)4 5678140 or email spa.dubai@anantara.com

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