Here are the new flicks you’ll be able to go see from today…

Goofy adventure with Blake Lively’s main man in Free Guy; everyone gets real old real fast on a mystery beach in Old; and Annette, a slightly bizarre-looking musical opera starring Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver. Something for everyone this week, folks…

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Free Guy


Our anticipation for this movie has been impatiently loading ever since the first trailer was released back in December 2019. A different time. The film tells the story of Guy, played by Ryan Reynolds — who, after intervening in a bungled bank heist, arrives at the realisation that he’s actually a non-player character (NPC) in a brutal free-world videogame. Bang on topic for 2021’s unofficial Black Mirror theme. Guy must step up and become a true hero, if he’s to save his virtual world from being unplugged. Expect an expansion pack full of videogame-based humour and Reynolds at peak Reynolds. He’s not a good Guy, he’s a great Guy.

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer
Genre: Action (PG15)
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Written, directed, produced and downloaded from the mind of one of modern cinema’s most mercurial creatives, M. Night Shyamalan, Old looks to be a trademark Shyamalan piece of fever dream suspense theatre. The premise has us following a family holiday on a secluded tropical beach, where all the inhabitants start, inexplicably, rapidly aging. Real talk: never go lower than SPF50. If it manages to avoid trite purgatory cliches of the Lost finale and steers closer to Sixth Sense than The Happening (for which we still haven’t forgiven either Shyamalan or Mark Wahlberg), this could be a surprisingly good watch.

Starring: Gael García Bernal, Vicky Krieps
Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi (PG15)
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2021 is set to be a good year for musicals. We’ve already had Lin Manuel Miranda’s surprisingly jaunty hit In the Heights starring Hamilton’s exquisite star Anthony Ramos, with stage-to-screen adaptations of Dear Even Hansen and Steven Spielberg’s remake of West Side Story headed our way soon. Although, we doubt any of them will be as bizarre as Annette, an original musical in every sense. It’s an extravagantly emotional movie opera that mixes comedy and tragedy, showbiz satire, death, romance, ghosts, oh and a puppet baby. Some will love it, others will be completely baffled.

Starring: Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard
Genre: Musical (PG15)
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