Bringing the gastro-phenomenon that is Detroit-style pizza to the capital…

It’s an East Coast thing.

The capital’s dining scene is taking a giant bite out of the big apple, with New York-based pizzeria Emmy Squared, making its way to Abu Dhabi’s Yas Bay.

Ate mile

Set to open in the final quarter of 2021, this purveyor of fine carbs, deals in Detroit-style pizza — a destinct, square-shaped pizza with “a crispy bottom, fluffy focaccia-like dough, caramelised cheesy “frico” crust, and signature sauce stripes.”

Despite being a little over five years old as a brand, Emmy Squared has 13 locations across the East and South East of mainland USA.

They offer a mix of traditional and more innovatively-topped red and white pizzas such as the Colony² (Ezzo pepperoni, pickled jalapeños, honey), the Big Ang (house sauce, ricotta, double pecorino, meatball, banana peppers), Angel Pie (ricotta, mushrooms, Truffleist mushroom cream), Hot Chicken (Nashville hot chicken, ‘Bama white sauce, chopped pickle), Good Paulie (caramelized onions, sausage, smoked gouda), Le Burger (grass fed beef, American cheese, Sammy Sauce, greens, pickles) and more.

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It’s not just abot the ‘za either, according to the website their double-stack burger, the Le Big Matt, was named ‘number one Best Burger in Nashville’ by The Tennessean and Nashville Lifestyles; one of ‘The Best New Burgers In NYC’ by Gothamist; and one of the ‘20 Best Burgers in NYC’ by The Infatuation.

And because it will be a licensed venue, you’ll be able to pair your crust-stuffing with a collection of adult beverages including signature mixology.

Detroit to the Bay

It’s coming to the UAE under the guardianship of Samer S. Hamadeh, founder of Akiba Dori, Stereo Arcade and Republique. Talking about the new Abu Dhabi adventure, Hamadeh said: “It’s a real challenge to have to talk about Emmy Squared without being able to bite into a slice of their pizza or one of their epic sandwiches to go with this conversation; I’ve rarely found food to be a revelation, but this was one of those rare occasions.”

“The moment I finished my meal at Emmy Squared in NYC, was the moment I got in touch with the team and brought up the idea of launching Emmy Squared in the UAE. I like to create my own concepts and that’s not a secret, but this was just too good to pass up on.”

Yas Bay Waterfront, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi,

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