Movies by starlight…

Umm Al Emarat Park’s popular alfresco cinema will make a theatrical return in October with its (yet to be published) schedule of family-friendly film classics.

There’s something special about watching films out there, amongst nature. Something that connects us with the real magic of cinema. Maybe it’s the canopy of stars above our heads, whilst we watch those on the screen, maybe it’s the novelty of eating popcorn under moonlight, or a connection to simpler times when all theatres were free of walls or roofs.

And this new series of films is building on the back of an impressive showing last time round. As before — it will be completely free to watch (although entry to the park is charged at Dhs10).

The winter 2020 to spring 2021 season carried showings of some big animated adventures; there were outings for Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron and a series of questionable Defence Against the Dark Arts faculty hires; we saw Mowgli in his bid to become king of the swingers (that original Disney movie really was from a different time wasn’t it) with the recent live action remake of the Jungle Book; the magic of Enchanted also came and cast its spells of younger audience captivation; with Shark Tale, Aladdin, Dr. Doolittle, Pete’s Dragon, Zootopia and many more also hitting the park’s big screen.

As soon as we get the full schedule of films, we’ll let you know the ‘whats’ and ‘whens’ of how it will all go down.

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What else can you do there?

There’s actually an incredible amount of fun stuff available at Umm Al Emarat Park, including a petting zoo, botanical garden, a wisdom garden, a miniature train ride, evening garden and there’s a (relativel) new attraction — Shade House.

Throwing shade

This isn’t a stage for impromptu rap battles, or an improv night at the local comedy store — Shade House is a sun filtered botanical observation hub, a cooling green space that you can now rent out for private functions. Like an improv night. Your move @YallaLaughs

Movies are free, but entry into the park is charged at Dhs10. Located at Umm Al Emarat Park, 

Images: What’s On archive