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We’re halfway through September which means those longed-for cooler months are coming and we can soon take fun activities outside again. One such activity is glamping, and one of Dubai’s most popular glamping spots, Banan Beach, is moving to Ras Al Khaimah.

The campsite was originally found in Jebel Ali. Whilst it’s not clear yet when the new site will open in Ras Al Khaimah, it seems likely that it will be in time for the cooler season. Trade in your fancy staycation for something a little more down to earth with fun tents, campfires and lots of beach activities.

The new Banan Beach site will be located 45 minutes from Dubai at Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah. We don’t yet know what will be found at the new campsite, however we expect for much of the same as the last one, including BBQ facilities, swinging hammocks and beach sports.

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The old Banan Beach offered up a no-fuss-and-frills spot to relax in, with lazy hammocks and brightly coloured bean bags set around campfires. There was also beach volleyball, yoga, water sports and fun activities for the little ones to get involved in.

Camping is fun for everyone, whether you’re on a family visit with little ones in tow, or you’re going away with friends for the weekend. The old site had camping in tents as well as chalets, a restaurant, and free parking. Visitors were also welcome to bring their own food.

For those who can’t bear to be apart from their dogs, dogs were welcome on a Monday. It’s too soon to say exactly what we can expect from the new Banan Beach, but we are betting they will be back and better than ever.

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