Add a cinema visit to your plans this weekend…

It’s Thursday and that means new movies have been released in the cinemas in UAE. There’s plenty to see this week from horror to action, animation and more.

Here are the new films to see in cinemas this week. 


In an isolated Oregon town, a middle-school teacher and her sheriff brother become embroiled with her enigmatic student, whose dark secrets lead to terrifying encounters with a legendary ancestral creature who came before them.

Starring: Jesse Plemons, Keri Russell, Jeremy T. Thomas, Graham Greene
Genre: Horror(15+)
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War photographer W. Eugene Smith travels to Japan where he documents the devastating effect of mercury poisoning in coastal communities.
Starring: Hiroyuki Sanada, Bill Nighy, Johnny Depp, Mimami
Genre:  (PG15)
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Last Night in Soho

A young fashion student, named Eloise obsessed with all things ’60s as well as harbouring a strange Sixth Sense, moves to London. Somehow she is able to form a strange connection across time with Sandie, a dazzling young woman with dreams of becoming a star. As Eloise disappears deeper into this rabbit hole and her connection with Sandie grows, everything begins to fall apart, in the most surreal way possible.

Starring: Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie, Jessie Mei Li
Genre: Drama(15+)
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The Gateway

A social worker assigned to the care of the daughter of a single mother intervenes when the dad returns from prison and lures them into a life of crime.

Starring: Shea Whigham, Olivia Munn, Frank Grillo
Genre: Action(15+)
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The Survivalist

A year and a half after the fall of civilization due to a viral outbreak, a former FBI agent is forced to protect a young woman immune to the disease from a dangerous gang leader hunting her.

Starring: John Malkovich, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jenna Leigh Green
Genre: Action(PG15)
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Monster Family 2

To free Baba Yaga and Renfield from the clutches of Monster Hunter Mila Starr, the Wishbone Family once more transforms into a vampire, Frankenstein’s monster, a mummy and a werewolf. Aided and abetted by their three pet bats, our Monster Family zooms around the world again to save their friends, make new monstrous acquaintances and finally come to the realization that ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ – even those with flaws can find happiness.

Starring: Nick Frost, Jason Isaacs, Jessica Brown Findlay, Emily Watson
Genre: Animation (15+)
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Images: Movie stills