Twenty-five dishes. Seventeen homegrown concepts. One glorious morning…

It’s a question that has perplexed the world since the dawn of time; one so complex that it has reduced loving couples into wild arguments, torn families apart, and ended marriages. Six seemingly innocent words that induce the kind of all out crazy debate usually reserved for world summits.

‘Where shall we go for breakfast?’

We know, we know – right now you’re about to wade straight in there and tell us that the eggs at X place are the best ever, while the coffee at Y place, man, that’s the worst, why on Earth do you go there?’ Well, fight no more, for this month the city’s newest, most exciting food hall has launched its big weekend breakfast.

Taking place every Friday and Saturday, you’ll find over 25 brand new dishes from some of the city’s best homegrown concepts inside the licensed Time Out Market, with glasses of bubbly available for just Dhs45. Here’s a look at some of our favourite dishes on offer…

Top breakfast dishes

1. Crème brûlée pancakes (Dhs50)

Where: Nightjar Coffee Roasters
ew breakfast items transcend the sum of their parts quite like the humble pancake. Through some magical feat of morning alchemy, the simple combination of eggs, powder, and sugar creates a steaming platter that’s both fluffy and crispy and sweet and savoury. But how did we survive so long without crème brûlée pancakes? Blow-torched on top and gooey beneath, Nightjar’s only gone and created one of the best dishes we’ve had all year.

2. Stuffed pretzel (Dhs45)

Where: BB Social Dining
The tender, buttery pretzel at BB’s wins our runner-up spot for best breakfast dish at Time Out Market. Use your hands to tear apart the pillowy layer of salted pretzel dough that envelops a delightful cheesy spinach mix. Best eaten hot.

3. Cinnamon Sugar Knots (Dhs45)

Where: Pitfire Pizza
Pitfire is famous as much for its garlic knots as it is for its knockout pizzas, so we shouldn’t be surprised that the breakfast cinnamon sugar knots are out of this world. Pitfire team, hear our pleas and add these crispy, doughy delights to your delivery menu.

4. Brisket burnt ends (Dhs75)

Where: Local Fire by The Mattar Farm
What started as a pop-up at his home has turned into a full-on barbecue love affair, with Hattem Mattar’s stand at Time Out Market one of the busiest. Order the brisket and burnt ends for a rich and salty extravaganza.

5. Scotch egg (Dhs75)

Where: folly Workshop
How can you make avo toast better? By adding one of folly’s famed Scotch eggs on top, that’s how. This is proof that simple food done right is always best.

6. Breakfast bap (Dhs40)

Where: Pickl
Sore head from the night before? Pickl’s breakfast bap is probably the cure. It’s loaded with bacon, avocado, very yellow cheese, pickles, and it’s dripping from a runny fried egg. Good, but oh, so bad.

7. Creamy egg custard buns (Dhs48)

Where: Long Teng
These wonderful little parcels are reminiscent of the butter buns you’d find across most Chinatowns – only with extra cute packaging. Eat with caution as the fluffy buns conceal piping hot oozing butter.

Time Out Market, Souk Al Bahar, Fri and Sat 10am to 1pm, prices are a la carte from Dhs32 to Dhs75.@timeoutmarketdubai

Images: Provided