Sponsored: Discover the new campaign from Dubai’s home-grown water brand…

Leading UAE bottled drinking water brand, Mai Dubai, has launched an exciting new campaign which celebrates everything that makes the UAE special. In order to reflect the diversity and innovation in the country, Mai Dubai has enlisted the help of five residents in its #MaiDubaiMyChoice campaign.

Keep an eye out for the campaign around town, to see the celebration of the UAE’s people, architecture, habits, phrases and everything in between. Mai Dubai is known for its trendy branding, and sustainable, innovative approach to water.

With an offering that includes sodium-free, alkaline water and glass bottle options, Mai Dubai’s forward thinking quest for the best never stops – just like the UAE. The vision of Dubai for progression and sustainability is something that Mai Dubai strives to emulate.

Key products include regular 500ml Mai Dubai Water, Mai Dubai Zero Sodium Alkaline Water for active lifestyles and sports enthusiasts, and the Mai Dubai Glass Bottle.

Be sure to check out the #MaiDubaiMyChoice master film, individual vignettes, outdoor and radio campaign is live across the UAE and on social media. The campaign features five unique individuals based in the UAE from diverse backgrounds, showcasing their thirst for ambition and how they choose to hydrate with Mai Dubai.

Discover more at maidubaiwater.com.

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