Is this the start of the Yas Bay launch…?

We’ve known for a while now, the identity of some of the restaurants and bars that will be opening at — what will be one of the largest leisure and recreation hubs in the capital — Yas Bay.

One thing we have been in the dark about, however, is when we can expect the grand opening… Although from some news we received today, it seems that we might not have to wait too much longer to mangé at the bay.

Found on the southern lip of Yas Island, the Waterfront area of this upcoming multi-billion-dollar cuisine scene will provide a home to more than 30 exciting F&B projects. Some of these venues will be entirely new concepts; others will be regional firsts; a collection of them will be Abu Dhabi editions of popular Dubai haunts; and yet more are being delivered by well-respected and established creative teams that are known for other successful ventures in the emirate.

But few of the future fine dining names are creating quite the same buzz as that of Paradiso Nicole et Pierre.

Devine culinary

Cannes-born haute hub of gastronomy, Paradiso is the globally-acclaimed Mediterannean restaurant from the Michelin-endorsed culinary double act of Nicole Rubi (the woman behind Nice’s La Petite Maison) and Chef Pierre Gagnaire (Fouquet’s).

And according to our sources… it’s opening this month (November).

Their ‘medium’ is light gourmet dishes using local, seasonal ingredients — reinterpreting Mediterranean classics and giving them a taste renaissance.

Expect the menu to include items such as Nicole’s petits farcis (stuffed vegetables, often courgettes); deeply flavourful escargots; cauliflower bavaroise; Paradiso’s signature pizze; and lamb shoulder preserved with spices.

Diners will also be able to choose from a connoisseur’s collection of Pasta; roasted young cockerel; and grilled prime rib of beef.

The man behind the mixology, Emanuele Balestra — has also ensured that the restaurant’s botanical theme carries through into the crafting of the signature drinks.

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Beauty of the beats

Paradiso will feature live music on Thursdays and Fridays, and promises the services of a resident DJ every night of the week.

Insider knowledge

Expect exquisite understated luxury for the interiors, extensive terrace and dazzling decor from the design minds of Italian architects Vudafieri-Saverino Partners.

Botanical elements run through the venue with features baring verdant hues of olive, caper and sage leaves; elsewhere, blushes of saffron yellow and cirtus orange duel with ceramic tiles, rattan, Sicilian stone, brass, velvet and silk.

Stay tuned to What’s On for launch announcements of this and other Yas Bay restaurants.

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