Sponsored: A Nikkei feast makes for an exciting addition at one of Saadiyat Island’s most luxurious resorts…

The food in Peru is as varied as the country’s terrain, a combination of rainforests, mountains, and coasts. This biodiversity, coupled with influences from European colonisers and Asian migrants, means that Peruvian food encompasses a range of flavours. But recently, it seems one cuisine from this confluence of groups has excited chefs around the world more than any other: Nikkei, the Peruvian style of cooking often billed as Japanese-Peruvian “fusion.”

Now you can enjoy these exciting flavours at Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi, at its all-new Nikkei brunch…

Get your brunch on at the new Nikkei feast at Buddha-Bar Beach

World-renowned brand Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi, located at the beachfront of The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, has marked the start of the city’s exciting winter season by launching an original and elegant Friday celebration.

The new Nikkei Brunch features the flavours of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, with a curated menu of over 20 artistic dishes prepared for by head chef Renzo Reyes and his team.

Guests can choose from two packages: Dhs325 with soft drinks, or Dhs450 with house drinks. All packages are available for three hours.

For more information on the brunch, and to make a booking, visit buddhabarbeachabudhabi.com

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