He spoke to press in front of the helipad at Burj Al Arab…

It looks like Floyd Mayweather is set to fight once again, this time in Dubai in 2022. The retired boxer, widely considered as one of the best fighters of all time due to being undefeated in over 50 matches, has teased his return fighting right here in the city, where he recently spent time with his entourage.

He was recorded by reporters in Dubai saying: “Big business, big business, big business, Money May – 2022 in Dubai, right here, exhibitions, big business, events in 2022 – I’ll see you guys.”

Mayweather also spoke to reporters out in front of the helipad at the Burj Al Arab, where he confirmed that the fight would take place on February 20, 2022. According to British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, the match itself is set to take place on the helipad. It has not yet been confirmed who his opponent will be, with the sporting star saying: “We haven’t chosen an opponent yet but I look forward to it and hopefully we give you guys something to see.”

It looks like it will be another exhibition fight, as Mayweather officially retired from competitive fighting back in 2017. In the press conference, Mayweather talked about how he wanted to show his talents to people in the Middle East. It seems that his intended opponent could be Dubai social media influencer-turned-amateur-boxer, Monkey Kicks.

During his time speaking to reporters at the Burj Al Arab, Mayweather said: “I spoke with [my advisors] about Money Kicks. We don’t really know. He is from [Dubai]. It is going to be great. It will be a very special crowd. Not too many people. So, if you get the chance to come here, you must know that you are very special. Money Kicks is doing big things and I like what I am seeing.”

During his time in Dubai, Floyd Mayweather took a moment to drop in on fellow boxer Anthony Joshua whilst he was in training session in the city preparing for his upcoming rematch fight against Oleksandr Usyk sometime in 2022. Mayweather also visited Dubai’s Miracle Garden, and promoted luxury car rental company Rotana Star.

We wonder where we will see him next…

Images: Getty