The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation issued a reminder to private companies to ensure they avoid fines…

Private sector companies have been reminded that they must pay salaries on time and in full by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), to avoid fines.

Salaries should be paid through the Wage Protection System, which was introduced in 2009 to ensure wages are paid in a timely manner.

According to The National. Maher Al Obed, assistant undersecretary at the ministry said that “The ministry seeks to ensure the worker’s right to receive his wage in return for his commitment to perform his job duties.”

In a Tweet also shared by MOHRE, the government entity urged companies to commit to paying workers in full through the Wage Protection System, “to strengthen both parties’ contractual relationships and enhance the worker’s productivity.”

As per Ministerial Decree No 739 of 2016 concerning the protection of wages, all companies registered with the ministry must subscribe to the WPS and pay salaries through the system. Wages should be paid within 10 days, and companies that flout WPS rules face fines ranging from Dhs1,000 to Dhs50,000.