Cloudy with a chance of hailstones…

Much like the state of our New Year’s resolutions, the UAE’s weather in 2022 has got off to a bit of a moody start. The rain is of course much needed after a particularly long dry spell but it has brought its challenges too.

And we’re not talking about the frizz-effect on your freshly coiffed bob. The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has issued a number of heavy rain, dust and storm warnings which reduce visibility on roads and can lead to obstructions in low-lying areas.

The culprit for all this unsettled weather is an atmospheric clash between a low surface-level pressure front from the Southwest and an area of upper low air pressure originating in the West. Mix that in with the migrating cloud patterns from the Red Sea and the result is… *gestures broadly around*.

How long can we expect the rain and stormy skies to continue?

From the weekly weather bulletin issued by the NCM, it looks like these stormy interludes could last all the way up to the end of this week.

Temperatures are expected to take a tumble on Tuesday with a bracing wind of up to 50kph emerging from the north west, bringing with it dust, sand and the possibility of that ‘sideways — straight into your face’ rain. Might want to hold off on coiffing that bob.

The wind and rough seas are predicted to carry through into Wednesday with roaming patches of high humidity.

By Thursday, the cloud, rain and wind intensity should begin to decrease, with patchy skies but a more stable weather system in place for the weekend.

Stay safe on the roads out there folks.

Images: Getty