Speed over the water in style…

The world’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat, called ‘The Jet ZeroEmission’ is set to be manufactured and launched in Dubai, an announcement for Dubai Media Office has revealed. The eco-friendly vessel makes no waves, zero noise, and appears to ‘fly’ 80cm above the water at a speed of 35-40 knots.

Created by L’Hydroptère, the futuristic-looking boat will feature cutting-edge characteristics and technologies and can carry up to 12 passengers at a time. The environmentally friendly tech helps reduce carbon emissions, with two fuel cells and an air conditioner.

Alain Thébault, Founder of THE JET ZeroEmission, said: “Dubai is an ideal destination for innovators and companies from around the world to develop their innovative projects and reach their desired success, which is why we have announced ‘The Jet’, a project that I had the privilege of conceiving with the team.”

Under the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, the city aims to produce 75 per cent of its energy requirements from clean sources by 2050. The Strategy also aims to make Dubai a global centre of clean energy and green economy, which this new project perfectly aligns with.

The Jet aims to offer a curated boat trip, flying in silence over the waters of the world’s most glamorous seashores, rivers and lakes. There was no estimated date given as to when we can expect to see the boat launched.


Images: L’Hydroptère