The changes relate to “events, tourist attractions and cultural sites”…

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee has announced some changes to entry rules for certain public spaces in Abu Dhabi.

These updates specifically relate to individuals that have not been fully vaccinated (including a third ‘booster’ shot), for accessing events, tourist attractions and cultural sites in Abu Dhabi.

In lieu of showing a Green Pass on the Alhosn App, those that are unvaccinated will be able to show a negative PCR test result obtained within 48 hours of entry.

This easing of restrictions follows on from a collection of other policy deescalations in the emirate. For a list of the most up to date rules relating to Abu Dhabi’s entry requirements, check out our full guide on the subject.

At this stage, the concession on being able to show a negative PCR in place of a Green Pass is currently limited to the specified locations (events, tourist attractions and cultural sites). Which means that for malls, hotels, restaurants etc, you are obliged to still show an Alhosn Green Pass.

What is the Alhosn Green Pass?

The Alhosn Green Pass is essentially a traffic light app, showing your current Covid-19 test and vaccination status, and like the wearing of face masks, it’s pretty much essential for travel into public places within Abu Dhabi.

It’s free and available from AppleGoogle PlaySamsung Store and AppGallery. The app has many functions but its main ones are storing your vaccination data (residents vaccinated in the UAE should have their information loaded automatically, tourists vaccinated overseas should follow the guide below for how to upload their certificates into the system), and showing any recent PCR tests linked to your account.

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