Sponsored: Ninive will take you on an authentic Arabic journey…

For a meal with loved ones where views, taste and attractive decor takes top priority, make a beeline to Ninive, the Middle Eastern restaurant and cocktail rooftop bar located at the famous Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

The restaurant gets its inspiration from the ancient city of Nineveh in ancient Upper Mesopotamia and looks like a contemporary urban majlis.

Ninive DIFC

The harmonious blend features green palm trees with hues of dark red, pink-gold and bronze, hanging lanterns, tents, Arabian cushions and arabesque dividers. Pair this with views of DIFC and gleaming Dubai skyscrapers and it’s possibly the most unique spot you can find in the financial district.

Eye-catching decor aside, another element guaranteed to catch your attention would be the aromas wafting out from the kitchen. 


On the menu, you can expect fine Arabian fare – each dish a creation of Chef Gilles Bosquet, a world cuisine aficionado who trained at the formidable Gordon Ramsay school (Hong Kong). The Arab cuisine will take you on a journey from Iran to Iraq, Syria, Turkey, North Africa, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Options include Moroccan tajine, Lebanese fatayer (meat pie) or corn-fed chicken with tahini, lemon and spices, taktouka (Moroccan roasted peppers dipped in a sauce) or manti, a Turkish meatball dish. spicy marinated sautéed lamb, Iraqi tashreeb (braised lamb cooked with spices and lemon).

The plating of your meal is given just as much importance as the flavours, so expect an Instagrammable moment when your waiter sets your plate down.


And of course, desserts are available in addition to a Ninive’s crafted cocktails with a Middle Eastern twist.

Ninive is now open from 6pm onwards every day of the week and if you want to make a booking, head to ninive.ae

Ninive, Emirates Towers Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, open daily from 6pm, Tel: (0)4 326 6105, ninive.ae