Doable for families and beginners, it’s arguably one of the most beautiful natural spots in the UAE…

If you choose to pack your hiking boots and make a beeline for the mountains on weekends, this ones for you: there’s a hiking trail in Fujairah you might not know about – and it’s a stunning spot.

In Fujairah, the hiking trail of Wadi Dahir is located just off the highway – so it’s easy to reach – but feels world’s away from the usual mountain climbs. Thanks to the volume of water in the Dahir area, this hiking trail takes you along a course of turquoise blue sulphur pools, with plenty of wildlife to nosey at on the way. Couple that with verdant farms, lush palms and banana trees, and you’ve got yourself one of the prettiest hikes in the UAE

The starting point is handily labelled on Google Maps as Fujairah Adventures Al Dahir Hiking Trail, from which you can follow the pools upwards. There’s various routes to take depending on how far you want to stretch your legs.

The full route runs some 8.4km and can take roughly 5 hours, so is designed for more intermediate hikers. Those that don’t want to try it solo can also book expert-led hiking tours with UAE Trekkers, who plan and lead the route, which takes hikers on a full loop around the wadi. The next one is March 20, and can be booked here.

If you’re new to hiking it’s advisable to take a shorter route covering a few kilometres. Laura Brown, of @hike_uae has handily mapped out a 3km route on Wikiloc, which you can follow here. With minimal elevation, it’s one for hikers of all ages and abilities to try, and takes roughly two hours to complete. “It’s a good idea to download the route before you go, as there’s limited phone signal inside the wadi,” says Laura. “But it’s an absolute hidden gem – beautiful clear blue and white sulphur pools, an abundance of wildlife including fish that with nibble your toes, plus lots of trees and greenery – there’s nothing quite like it in the UAE.”

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Her other expert tips? “Be careful as you cross the rocks by the pools, they can be slippery; be sure to take your rubbish home with you, and respect the local wildlife.”

Of course, whenever you’re hiking, always ensure you’re wearing the correct gear, footwear and carry plenty of water.

Images: @hike_uae