Skip the queue at the Dubai Metro stations…

The queue to top up your nol card is never fun and for some reason, the line always seems to move at a crawl-like pace especially when you’re in a rush. You can now avoid this dilemma thanks to the latest news announced by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Public transport commuters will now be able to top up their nol cards at local Zoom stores, standalone stores and Enoc/Eppco Stores across 50 locations in Dubai.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Amani Almheiri, Director of Automated Collection Systems, RTA and Zaid Alqufaidi, Managing Director ENOC Retail at the ENOC Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai 2020 sealing the deal.

The memorandum stated that the top-up service will be available across a number of ENOC stores across Dubai making the service more convenient and accessible, aka no more standing in queues. The service will be available at no extra cost.

More ways you can top-up your nol card

Besides heading to the customer service counters/information counters and the ticket vending machines at the Dubai Metro and bus stations, there are other ways you can recharge your nol card.

You can also use your official bank apps. Certain banks such as Emirates NBD will allow you to enter in your 10 digital nol card number and it will officially link your account to the card. You will be able to transfer money via the app to the card though it may take one or two days to reflect. If you are an ENBD customer, you can even redeem your rewards points to recharge your nol card.

You can also visit the RTA website here.

Other ways you can use your nol card

Even if you’re not a public transportation traveller, you can use the nol card in other ways including purchasing groceries and certain shopping outlets. It can even be used to enter public parks and museums such as Etihad Museum.

Images: Dubai Media Office and RTA