If you come into contact with someone who tests positive, here’s what you should do…

The UAE guidelines for close contact with Covid-19 cases have been updated, effective Friday March 25. If you come into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19, you no longer need to isolate or take five daily PCR tests. Instead, you are now required to undergo a PCR on day 1 (the day you were in contact with the person with Covid-19) and again on day 7.

The new rules were announced by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) via Twitter.

What are the rules if you test positive?

If you test positive for Covid-19 in Dubai, you should isolate yourself immediately, and quarantine at home for 10 days, according to the latest guidance from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Those that test positive for Covid-19 in Abu Dhabi should follow different rules. Those aged over 50, have a chronic illness or are pregnant should visit one of the designated Covid-19 prime Assessment Centers for medial assessment and isolation measures.

Those with mild or medium symptoms who do not fall into the above should retest at a health facility in Abu Dhabi, then continue to isolate. If you return a second PCR, you should adhere to home isolation for 10 days, undergoing a PCR tests on day 6 if you’re vaccinated and day 9 if unvaccinated.