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For an Iftar away from the bustling city and skylines, indulge in an iftar at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort. Located about an hours’ drive away from the city, your tranquil dining setting will be under the shimmering stars among the golden sand dunes with Arabian entertainment.

Iftar at Al Hadheerah Desert Restaurant

Bab al shams iftar

Your iftar spread includes an international buffet with the signature ouzi cooked the traditional way – underground. There is also seafood, poultry and vegetarians options. Small eaters, save belly room for desserts as you will have an extensive selection to pick from.

Your live entertainment for the night includes an oud player and tanoura dancers – a traditional folk dance where the dancer spins to the tunes of Arabic and sometimes religious music. You’ll also have the opportunity to snap a photo with a falcon and check out a horse and camel show on the mesmerising desert dunes.

Your iftar experience begins at sunset until 10pm at Al Hadheerah Desert Restaurant. It will cost you Dhs299 per person and includes water, Ramadan juices and Arabic coffee.

Bedouin Iftar 

bab al shams bedouin iftar

For a more private and secluded dining experience, opt for the bedouin iftar. Your dining experience will take place at Falcon dunes amidst the Arabian desert and is ideal for a customary gathering.

The selection includes stuffed ouzi, harees and fish sayadieh plus a selection of Ramadan juices, Arabic coffee and water.

It will cost you Dhs500 per person and runs from sunset to 11pm.

Make your reservations at restaurants@babalshams.com or message via Whatsapp on 056 549 4440.

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort, Al Qudra Road, Dubai, Tel: (0)4 809 6194, babalshams.com