Sponsored: Some of the finest Holy Month hospitality, Yas Island has to offer…

Between the trinity of Yas Plaza Hotels — Radisson Blu Hotel Abu Dhabi Yas Island, Crowne Plaza Yas Island, and Yas Island Rotana — there’s an entire world of gastronomic and leisure time allure to explore.

And their collection of great value Ramadan experiences means that at this very special time of year, where families and friends come together to celebrate the most important aspects of life, we can think of few better places to make Holy Month memories, and share special moments, than at Yas Plaza Hotels.

Join us for a quick guided tour around some of the best Ramadan invitations, including live entertainment, poolside iftars and shisha, available at the trio of hotels this year.


Radisson Blu’s popular all day diner is hosting a grand iftar buffet throughout the Holy Month, featuring regional and international culinary flair. Diners have the option of enjoying their fast-breaking meal in the restaurant’s climate-controlled interiors or making the most of balmy April evenings with seats out on the terrace. And the evening doesn’t have to end there, a selection of premium shisha is available to accompany those deep and meaningful alfresco conversations. In addition to the in-house offering, those seeking a more private experience can pick up iftar takeaway boxes from just Dhs35 per person, and there’s even a grand ouzi takeaway, with authentically prepared ‘fall-off-the-bone’ tender lamb joints for Dhs499 (feeds six people).

Radisson Blu, Yas Island. Assymetri Iftar from sunset daily April 2 to May 2, Dhs149 (kids six to 12 Dhs69); iftar take aways require 48 hour advance notice, available on order threshold of 30 boxes; lamb ouzi takeaway requires 72 hours of notice. Tel: (02) 656 2000

Jing Asia

Found at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jing Asia allows those seeking a different sort of iftar experience to flood their senses with the gastronomic allure of the Orient. Their Iftar Get Together is priced at just Dhs149 and represents a genuine sunset feast from the East.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Yas Island. Jing Asia Iftar 6.30pm to 11,30pm daily April 2 to May 2, Dhs149. Tel: (02) 656 3000


For a traditional sort of suhoor, the smart choice is Barouk — where a carefully curated selection of Levantine flavours will be available late into the night. The Barouk Suhoor Get Together is available at just Dhs120 and is an essential Holy Month experience for devotees of Lebanese food. Enhance the evening by pairing your iftar with the recreational pursuits of boardgames and access to connoisseur’s collection of shisha flavours.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Yas Island. Barouk Suhoor 9pm to 2am, daily April 2 to May 2, Dhs120. Tel: (02) 656 3064

Choices and Rangoli

This pair of Yas Island Rotana restaurants are collaborating on an expansive iftar experience filled with dazzling international cuisine, freshly grilled prime cuts and all the aromatic acrobatics of modern Indian dining. At Rangoli you have the option of breaking your fast poolside in the atmospheric Ramadan tent, with calming blue views in addition to the diverse culinary hues. Your soiree can end, should you wish, with a visit to the picturesque shisha terrace.

Yas Island Rotana, Yas Island. Choices and Rangoli Iftar, sunset to 10pm daily April 2 to May 2, Dhs159. Tel: (02) 656 4155

Blue Grill

The Blue Grill Iftar Set Menu was conceived with meat lovers in mind, taking guests on an immersive dusk-departing tour through the highlands of grilled fare, and all for just Dhs175.

Yas Island Rotana, Yas Island. Blue Grill Iftar, sunset to midnight daily April 2 to May 2, Dhs175. Tel: (02) 656 4155

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