Any new UAE residency visas processed from April 11 will not require visa stamping in passports…

The process for applying for a UAE residency visa is set to be updated this month, according to a circular issued by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICA). As reported by Khaleej Times, new residency applications processed after Monday April 11 will not include residency stickers placed in passports. Instead, Emirates ID cards will be used as proof of residency in the UAE, as all relevant residency-related information is stored within Emirates ID cards.

The move is part of a wider UAE government shift to upgrade services and achieve customer happiness.

According to the circular, the new rules for UAE residency visa applications will be shared with airlines so they can verify residency validity by checking passport number and Emirates ID cards.

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Traditionally, visa stamping was part of the residency visa application process, completed once a new resident underwent their medical examination. Two-, three-, five- and ten-year visa stickers were placed in passports, depending on the type of visa a new resident had applied for.

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