There’s a sentence we’d never thought we’d say out loud…

Since sassily walking away from the catwalk, Supermodel Tyra Banks has worn a few different entrepreneurial chapeaus. She’s launched cosmetic brands, lectured at universities, written a book and held down a pretty prolific TV career.

Somewhere along the line, she also found time to conceive, found and launch a bougie ice cream brand, Smize Cream — named after Bank’s term for smiling with your eyes (smize), and coined during her stint as host on America’s Next Top Model.

What’s your flavour?

Smize Cream comes in a range of flavours and includes a sugary ‘surprise’ at the bottom of every tub. Your ‘reward’ for soldiering on through all that ice cream presumably. Taste experiences include The Best Vanilla I Ever Had (that’s the name, not our personal seal of approval although touche Tara, touche) — a Vanilla Custard-Style Ice Cream; Brownies, I Love You (milk chocolate ice cream, chewy brownies, brownie batter bites and fudge); Lionel Richie even has his own flavour ‘All Night Love’ — which is built out of vanilla ice cream, midnight cookie crumble swirl, salted caramel ribbon, and milk chocolate-covered fudge hearts. So much sugar you’re borderline guaranteed to be dancing on the ceiling.

The scoop

The next step for Smize? Nope not a collab with Elton John on a gelato range called Goodbye Yellow Rocky Road, it’s not that at all, it is of course the news that the premium scoop troop will be launching in Abu Dhabi.

Tyra made the announcement at an Access Granted talk series, that was held here on Thursday, May 26. Speaking about her love and respect for the UAE, and why she chose it as the first international market to launch Smize in, Banks said: “It has evolved from the sand to the Moon. The country’s beauty and warmth touch me. Also, its progress on female empowerment”.

That empowerment is a central part of the Smize identity, which operates a SMiZE Cream Goalz & Dreamz Factory mentorship program mentorship programmes.

Images: Instagram