With warnings for reduced visibility in some areas…

You don’t need a forecast to tell you, ‘it’s a bit gusty out there’ — if you’ve been outside at all this morning, you’ve probably already vibe checked the weather yourself.

What is worth noting however, is that according to an alert released by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), these high (up to 50km/h winds) are likely to continue throughout the day (calming at around 8pm), bringing with them blown-dust that has the potential to dramatically reduce visibility in both coastal and inland areas.

So be careful out there on the roads folks, and make sure you’re wearing protective eye gear if you’re cycling/scooting.

With big winds, so too come big waves and rough seas — so it’s probably worth deferring that stand-up paddleboard trip if at all possible, lest you end up doing an impromptu tour around the World Island archipeligo.

What is the weather looking like for the rest of the week?

After dropping over the nighttime hours, the strong northwesterly winds are expected to return bright and early tomorrow morning (Wednesday), paired with a slight increase in temperatures.

Strong winds will continue into Thursday, Friday and Saturday with associated roaming dust clouds that persist in causing a significant reduction in visibility. The rough seas are also set to continue throughout the week.

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