Once more but louder for those in the back….

The vast majority of us can probably agree that putting your own refuse in a designated disposal bin, should be a pretty basic clause of the social contract.

But, in case there remains any confusion over just how antisocial-a-behavior littering from vehicles is, Abu Dhabi Police have put a figure on it.

Those caught dumping waste, in whatever form, out of a vehicle — regardless of whether it’s moving or stationary; you’re doing it from the driver’s seat, rear, or hanging out the passenger side of your best friend’s ride — littering ‘scrubs’ will be slapped with a Dhs1,000 fine and six black points.

There is never an excuse for littering. It’s unsightly, dangerous and risks multiple potential public health hazards.

Other transport rules

New rules and restrictions on the ownership and operation have made up a significant portion of Abu Dhabi Police’s communications over the last few weeks.

This follows growing concerns over just how safe these vehicles are for the operators and other road users/pedestrians, both in the region and beyond. The proliferation of their use has sparked a spike in accidents, some fatal — so the authorities have stepped up safety regulations and awareness campaigns.

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These rules cover things like the prohibition of sit down scooters, and also a requirement to wear protective equipmemt.

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