The dangerous offence can land you with a fine of Dhs400 and four black points…

Abu Dhabi Police are cracking down on tailgaters in the capital with the launch of a new traffic camera system. The new cameras, which launched today, Wednesday January 15, will detect whether there is a safe distance between cars and send an alert to those not complying.

On a first offence, drivers will receive a text message warning them to keep a safe distance. If the tailgating continues, the driver will be hit with a Dhs400 fine and four black points on their license.

The Director of Traffic and Patrol at Abu Dhabi Police cited the reason for the new awareness and traffic control campaign is to ‘protect [drivers] and other road users from serious traffic accidents and the resulting human and material losses’.

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Tailgating is responsible for one in five deaths on the UAE roads, according to Abu Dhabi Police. As part of the campaign, the police are also sharing videos of real traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi, to raise awareness of the dangers of tailgating.

While its not clear exactly how much distance the cameras will allow for, it’s recommended to leave 56 metres between you and the car in front, when travelling at 100 kilometres per hour. If the car in front were to suddenly stop, ensure you have enough space to react without causing an accident.

Also, don’t forget to make sure you’re registered for the new Abu Dhabi toll gates.

Stay safe on the roads…

Image: Twitter